In the past, there were two temples; PhanAn Temple and Chedi Kwan Temple which was a small temple located in the west of Phan An Temple. It is hypothesized that both were small and built in the same period and at that time, Lanna reached its peak in arts and culture; therefore, many temples were built. Later on, the two temples merged, becoming Chedi Kwan PhanAn Temple but people called it by a simpler name, Phan An Temple. In 1931, during the reign of King Rama VII (before the reformation) and Prince KaewNawarat who is the ninth and the last ruler of Lanna, the clergy led by Luang Pho PhraApaiSaratha of Thung Yu Temple, the monk dean of Chiang Mai, saw the potential of Phan An Temple as the Buddhist education center of the city. However, it was too small so it was expanded westward, toward Chedi Kwan Temple which was deserted at that time. As for Chedi Kwan pagoda, nowadays there appears to be no traces of the pagoda itself left as in 1955, LuangPhorPhraKhru Sri Pariyattayanurak dismantled the pagoda and replace I with a sermon hall. The hole on the ground is the only trace of the presence pagoda in the past. There are many interesting things at this temple, namely PhraPhutthaChinnarat, PhraPhutthaMongkolMahamuni, PhraChediSeririkkathatSirirak which is a beautiful golden pagoda and WatPhanAn Museum.